Parts and Upgrades

If you are replacing parts I found that you can usually upgrade to somthing better for just a little more in price.

Things needed

  • A new tub - At first I searched for a new tub in salvage yard all over the nation with no luck.  The only one I did find wasn't in much better shape than the one I had.  I found a company that makes a reproduction body.  They make both metal and fiberglass.  I did alot of research about both and setteled on the fiberglass tub from Morris 4x4 Center.  I talked to several people via e-mail who owned both and sounds like the fiberglass would be best for my prepresses.  The fiberglass is also about half the cost of the reproduction metal ones.

  • A new frame - No luck finding a used frame. I chose a frame from Trottle Down Kustoms.  There are several venders that sell there frames. I called them direct and I'm glad I did.  I minchened that I was using a fiberglass frame and he informed me that the body mounting points were in a different location than on the stock frame. He mounted the mounting points in the position required for the fiberglass body for me.  There wasn't any extra charge and it will save me a ton of work when I mount the body to the frame. The frame is build to a much higher standard than the original stock frame.  It has some of the nicest welds I ever seen. To bad you won't be able to see it once the body in on. It arrived bare metal. I got to powder coated at a local shot for $250.00.


This is the frame before the black powder coat was applie.

  • A window frame - The one I had was full of rust and falling apart. Ordered it from Morris 4x4 Center.  The glass I had was in great shape. I also ordered all the seals and gaskets for the window frame from them.

  • Lits Kit - I decided to go with a 2 inch Skyjacker lift kit.  This would allow me to use up to a 31 inch tire.  It came with new shocks and spring for both the frount and back including all new hangers.
  • All the fuel lines lines were removed and replaced with new stainless steel lines.

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